Friday, October 09, 2009

soyuz @ CSG

A consultation committee took place with Russian partners at the Paris Air Show on 17 June. The main issue of this committee was the signature by all the parties of a new agreed planning. A delay by few weeks of the first launch date was announced.

The third ship arriced in french Guiana on 26 june with
the liquid oxygen and nitrogen tanks andrail kerosene fuelling system on board. The fourth ship arrival in Frenc Guiana has been postponed to November with two launchers, the Fregat feeding syste on board and feeding mock-up on board

The complete Mobile Gantry structure was erected and tests completed in Sergiev posad,Russia Dismantelling of the mobile gantry structure for packing and transporting to french guiana started on 24 june. It will be delivered to French Guiana in severak batches: the first one was delivered on 20 july. The other batches will delivered during summer, with the last delivery at the end of august. At the soyuz Control Launch Centre, Russian equipment is being installed in the fregat control room. In the Launcher Control Room, rack for data retransmission of launcher parameters and telemetry are being tested.

In the Soyuz Launch Vehicle and Fregat Preparation Building, the integration of launcher mechanical ground support equipment has started and the installation of electrical and hydraulic equipment on the launcher erection transport wagon is on going.

In the launch zone, the installlation of ventilation ducts through the launch table is in progress as well as the installation of compressed gas pipelines in the technical ring. The connection of the cryogenic pipes to the control panes in the technical ring and the installation of liquid nitrogen pipes are also under the way. The water cannons on the launch table have been installed.

source: pub@esa
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