Tuesday, May 19, 2009


In this 25th year of unending human suffering: over 25000 people have died, each one of the half million exposed and their children have lost a relative, a friend or a neighbour. One fifth of the over half million people exposed remain chronically ill from a range of physical and mental diseases from toxic exposure. Tens of thousands of children born after the disaster have growth and development disorders, hundreds of children are born with birth defects stemming from their parents exposure to Carbide’s poisons through gas or through ground water contaminated by chemical wastes from the factory.

In this 25th year of corporate crime : the worst corporate massacre in world history, the individual officials and the corporations charged with manslaughter, grievous assault and other criminal charges remain absconding from Indian courts, unpunished. Meanwhile the principal accused continues to do business in India through The Dow Chemical Company that currently owns it. The request for extradition of Warren Anderson, former Chairman and principal accused in the criminal case lies denied by the US State and Justice Departments

In this 25th year of governments in bed with corporations : more than 17 years have passed and the prosecution remains to seek the extradition of representatives of Union Carbide now an US based company absconding from Indian Courts. The government has failed to file charges of bribery, a punishable offence, against Dow Chemical that has admitted to paying thousands of dollars in bribe to Indian government officials for registration of pesticides. The government has played an active role in helping Union Carbide sell its technology and services in India while absconding from Indian courts.

In this 25th year of anti people governments : despite the changes in the political parties that have come to power state and central governments have remained unchangingly apathetic towards the social and economic problems of tens of thousands of survivors who lost their capacity to earn a livelihood. The un-stated Government policy of treating Bhopali lives as expendable is apparent from the consistent and deliberate neglect of the rehabilitation of the survivors and their children. The Empowered Commission for long term rehabilitation of the survivors remains to be set up despite nine month old public promises.

An global environmental crime ongoing for over 25 years : ground water and soil in an area over 20 square kilometres lies contaminated with cancer and birth defect causing chemicals and chemicals that damage the lungs, liver, kidneys and brain. Some of these chemicals have been found in the breast milk of mothers in the communities next to the factory and the dump where over 10, 000 tonnes of hazardous waste lies buried. The area includes the 87 acre factory premises where Union Carbide admits to dumping hazardous wastes in over 20 spots. Union Carbide ignores notices from the Indian courts and Dow Chemical says it can not accept liabilities of accompany that it owns 100%.

In this 25th year of slow and silent Bhopal’s: corporations big and small worldwide emboldened by the absence of justice in Bhopal continue with toxic trespass into peoples habitats and their bodies and those of the unborn. Globalization gas given a boost to the spread of the toxic empire as the logic of profit over peoples lives and those of the unborn finds newer areas to capture. Across national boundaries regulatory authorities

In this 25th year of relentless struggle of the survivors: the march for justice and a life of dignity continues. The women of survivors in this longest battle of industrial victims any where in the world refuse to be “flowers to be offered at the altar of profit and power.” They say “we are dancing flames committed to conquering darkness…challenging those who threaten the survival of the planet and the magic and mystery of life.” Joining them since last year are the newly formed “Children against Dow/Carbide”, the next generation committed to the vision of the elders and with creative energy to carry the battle to victory.

In this 25th year of national and international solidarity: for justice for victims of environmental and industrial hazards, for exemplary punishment of corporate criminals, for adequate restitution of health, economic, social and environmental damages grow stronger. Connecting up with communities and individuals victimized by pollution, with trade unions active on occupational health issues with associations focused on industrial and environmental health, with progressive health professionals and their associations the international campaign for justice in Bhopal continues to grow

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